Kakadu Plum: The International Superfood for Skincare Products

Arhem Rana

Posted on January 17 2020

There was a time when people exclusively used food as skincare because they were aware of the nutritious value. Nowadays, we have so many options to choose from and we tend to go for synthetic options because they are easier to access. However, there are still many amazing superfoods out there that are extremely beneficial for our physical health.

Kakadu Plum is one of these superfoods that is commonly found in Australia. There have been many research studies on this fruit and most of them have shown positive results. When the skincare and health industry found out about this sour fruit, they decided to incorporate it into their products and the results were remarkable. Today, Kakadu plum is not only an essential ingredient of most skincare products but is also used for therapeutic purposes.

Why Should You Use Kakadu Skin Care?

There are so many Kakadu plum beauty products out there that are helping people stay healthy on the inside while enhancing their physical appearance.

Natural Source of Vitamin C

Kakadu plum products are very rich in Vitamin C. It is even said that it might be the richest source of edible Vitamin C since it contains 55 times more of this vitamin than an orange. Nowadays, poor lifestyle has rendered many people deficient in Vitamin C and this is why their skin lacks glow and radiance. Kakadu plum Vitamin C count is quite high which means that skincare or makeup products that contain it are good for your skin.

Barrier Against Excessive Skin Oils and the Sun

Kakadu plum benefits exceed that of many other natural ingredients. Since it is rich in Vitamin C, it can help in reducing dark spots and acne. Not only does it reduce the occurrence of acne but it also helps in removing the scars that acne leaves behind. Summer heat tends to damage your skin a lot but if you are using Kakadu plum skincare products, you will be safe from the Sun. This is because this ingredient has the ability to act as a barrier against UV rays.

Kakadu Plum Benefits for Skin

Kakadu Plum is a highly nutritious ingredient in many skincare and makeup products. It is chosen by cosmetic experts and skincare specialists due to its multiple benefits.

Get Radiant Skin

As mentioned above, Kakadu Plum is a rich source of Vitamin C. If you want to flaunt a radiant skin, you will need lots and lots of Vitamin C. Putting on Kakadu Plum moisturizing cream on your face will give you a matchless glow. The nutrients present in this plum reach the deepest layers of your skin to nourish from inside.

Stay Young

Kakadu Plum also allows you to stay young for a long time. It prevents wrinkle formation on your skin and also makes the fine lines go away. Constant exposure to sun and pollutants accelerate skin aging but Kakadu plum is a wonderful and powerful agent against both these accelerators. Using a Kakadu Plum face serum before makeup or just a Kakadu Plum face cream on a daily basis is bound to keep your skin looking youthful and fresh.

Farewell, Acne

Another benefit of Kakadu Plum is that it fights against acne to give you a smooth-looking skin. It does so by blocking the processes that lead to acne. If you had acne in the past, a Kakadu plum serum would help in clearing the acne scars off the face. By using natural skincare products with Kakadu Plum as the chief ingredient, you can have an even-toned, beautiful and natural-looking complexion.

Rich in Antioxidants

A lot of people are not aware of this but Kakadu Plum is rich in antioxidants too. These chemicals help in keeping your skin safe from all kinds of damage, whether it is from the environment or your body. Your body is a house for hundreds of chemical reactions. Along with producing the required products, your body is also producing other products that need to be excreted. Free radicals are regularly produced inside your body and their excretion or conversion to neutral chemicals is necessary.

Kakadu Plum oil for skin is beneficial as it fights free radicals. It contains Gallic acid, Ellagic acid and other antioxidants that are lesser-known but very effective. Gallic acid provides a barrier to the skin against harmful particles while Ellagic acid increases skin elasticity. This is why you need to have a Kakadu Plum cream in your bag at all times.

Other Benefits of Kakadu Plum

While Kakadu Plum extract for skin is talk of the town these days, there are also other studies going on. Some studies show that organic Kakadu Plum oil might help in fighting skin conditions such as psoriasis. Kakadu Plum has also found to be somehow effective in cancer treatment and Alzheimer’s.

Therefore, if you are using Kakadu Plum skincare and makeup products, you are not only doing your face a favor but you are also helping your body.


What are the benefits of Kakadu Plum?

There are plenty of benefits of Kakadu Plum. It is filled with Vitamin C which helps in keeping your skin and hair healthy. Along with increasing hair growth and fullness, it brightens up your skin and protects you from acne and sun damage.

What are Kakadu Plums are used for?

Kakadu Plums are used for making skin care products and makeup essentials. It is present in skin creams, moisturizers and serums. Back in the day, it was used in the treatment of flu, headache and cold. Nowadays, it is used as an antiseptic and in making Kakadu Plum oil.

How do you use Kakadu Plum Powder?

Kakadu Plum is either used in its powder or oil form. In its powder form, Kakadu Plum can be sprinkled over chia pudding or cereal. It can also be added to smoothies or juice to add flavor and health benefits to the drink. The powder form works best when it is used in raw recipes.

Is Plum good for skin?

Kakadu Plum is very good for your skin since it protects against acne, UV rays, aging, wrinkle formation, dark spots, blemishes and much more. It also nourishes the skin by providing antioxidants and Vitamin C to the dermal layers.

What is the active ingredient in Kakadu Plum?

The active ingredient in Kakadu Plum is Vitamin C but other antioxidants such as Ellagic acid and Gallic acid are also present in it.

What to Kakadu Plums taste like?

Kakadu Plums are quite delicious in taste. Their taste is like that of a tart, made of pears and apples. According to some people, its tastes resemble that of an English gooseberry.  

Where does the Kakadu Plum grow?

Kakadu Plum grows in Australia as they are a native fruit of the region. The plum grows on a deciduous tree, which is small in size and is found in the subtropical woodlands, north and west of Australia.

What is Kakadu Plum extract?

Kakadu Plum is the extract derived from the fruit. It is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants. Nowadays, this extract is being used in pharmaceuticals and skincare products.

Does Kakadu Plum help in weight loss?

There is no solid study to prove that Kakadu Plum helps in weight loss. However, the fruit only has 0.5 grams of fat. It is quite rich in fiber, containing 7.1 grams. You can say that it does not lead to weight increase in your body but there is no evidence for it actually reducing weight.

Is June Plum good for you?

Yes, June plums are really good for your body as they are also a rich source of Vitamin C like Kakadu Plum. They are also rich in Vitamin K, which is required for important body reactions. When they are unripe, they have high protein content. June Plum plays a role in lowering blood pressure and protecting you from harmful bacteria as it is an antibiotic in nature.

Do Plums make you poop?

Yes, plumps do make you poop as they are rich in fiber. Fiber must be a part of your daily diet as it aids in the movement of other nutrients through the digestive system to the excretory system. Dried plums are called prunes and they might have up to 12 grams of fiber/cup. High fiber content is really helpful for those people who are constipated or might have a troubled digestive system.

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