Make Her Feel Special This Valentine’s Day

Fareeha Khan

Posted on January 16 2020

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and this is an ideal time for all of us to please those that matter to us. Even though you can give gifts to anyone you love, on this day, it is mainly thought to be a day for your life partner or significant other.

If there is a girl in class you cannot take your eyes off or someone in your neighborhood you are crushing over, this is the day to express how you feel. Similarly, if you already have someone in your life and you want to make them feel special, you can do so by giving gifts to them. 

Gifts are a way of showing gratitude to someone for their love and affection or to celebrate their existence. A good gift is the one that the other person can use or would love. It might get a little tough choosing the right gift for your significant other, on this special day. Here are a few suggestions for you to choose from. We can guarantee that your girl will squeal in delight and thank you when you give her any of these gifts. 

Valentine’s Day Beauty Gifts

Every girl loves to get beauty products because these products are something that they would use regularly. It would also make them feel that you actually thought about their interests and skincare. Also, getting gifts can be quite expensive but Valentine’s Day makeup sale is always a blessing, in this situation.

When you walk into a makeup store or even search online, it is very easy to get overwhelmed and confused by the hundreds of products that are there. You might not even know what some of them do. That is why we are helping to help. The first product that any girl would need for makeup is a Primer. Primer has to be put on before applying makeup so if you give a girl this gift, she would think of you every time she applies makeup. Is there a better way to stay in someone’s thoughts? We think not. 

YouTube is filled with eye makeup tutorials and girls certainly seem to love these. However, they cannot create an alluring eye makeup look without eye products. If you are looking for Valentine’s day beauty offers, Mayfa has a lot of eye makeup products in the store. You can either give your girl eye shadow, eye pencil .

These three things are essential for creating a beautiful or unique makeup look. This is also an amazing gift because normally, girls do not go the extra mile to get such smaller products for themselves. Instead of giving just one product, you can give someone the whole eye makeup package with a Mayfa liquid liner, eye shadow, and eye pencil. This will surely brighten up their face like nothing else. You can also score the whole package in Valentine’s Day cosmetic promotions.

Valentine’s Beauty Gifts for Face

Now that we have talked a little about the upper part of the face, let us come to the main part: the cheeks and lips. Any makeup-loving girl would tell you that no-makeup look is perfect without the right cheek tint and lip shade. A lipstick can either make or break an outfit and this why girls get so fussy about getting their lip shade right. 

One of the best Valentine’s Day beauty products that you can buy for you girl is the high-definition pigment. The benefit of this product is that it is all-in-one. Your girl can use it as an eye shadow, cheek tine or even a highlighter. So, when you surprise her with this gift, she would already be thinking of all the beautiful and Instagram-worthy looks that she can create with it. Valentine’s Day skin products are also a popular gifting trend. If you want a gift that is a combination of skincare and makeup, then go for Mayfa High-Definition Pigment as it gets the job done, while being gentle on your skin. 

How could we forget the brows? Girls literally spend hundreds of dollars on getting their brows done perfectly. Any makeup artists would tell you that a bad-looking brow has never helped a makeup look. One of the best-selling Valentine’s Day products is the brow palette.

There is a new palette coming out every day and people literally have countdowns for the day when their favorite palette is going to come out. If your girl is obsessed with brows as a makeup diva, then you should definitely invest in a good brow palette. To top it off, just add a brow pencil and she will have all the brow essentials she needs. Trust us when we say this: she will be delighted to get this gift. 

Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks

Of course, if you are going to give your girl a gift, you would want to take her out too. Take her to her favorite restaurant and surprise her with Valentine’s Day makeup set, filled with every makeup product she would want. Even though bronzers and highlighters are too complicated to understand, men can always make sense of lipsticks. 

You would be surprised to know how much effort goes into creating a perfect pouty lip that your girl does on your dates or anniversaries. Why not make it easier for her and gift her.

if you really want to gift her something off her Valentine's wish list, then you should definitely select one of the products we have suggested. While the Mayfa have Prime Time would get her ready for makeup, the Mayfa liquid lipsticks will complete her whole look. Every time she sits in front of the mirror to get ready for work or a party, she will think of you.


Make her Valentine’s Day special this year. There are very few ways to make this way memorable for a girl, and one of the ways is to shower her with your utmost attention and love. But then again, a gift never hurt anyone. So, wrap up a makeup or skincare product and enjoy the smile on her face as she unwraps her present and sees what is beneath the packaging. 

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