Planning Halloween Party? Here Are the OMG Halloween Makeup Ideas!

Fareeha Khan

Posted on October 11 2019

Are You Planning Halloween Party? Here Are the OMG Halloween Makeup Ideas!

It’s coming up to the frightening time of the year which means that it’s time to start planning your Halloween Makeup Ideas.

Halloween is the time of year where we get to fantasize to be anything our heart wishes. Do you want to be something brutal, cute and scary like a frightening pumpkin or like a serial killer? No one will bat an eye. How about a pretty Spider looks Or look like a princess?

No matter whatever outfit you pick for Halloween, follow these simple makeup steps to look amazingly pretty or scary at your Halloween party.

Startup with Mayfa HD Foundation!

All you need at the first step of Halloween makeup is to pick up Mayfa High Definition Foundation that gives you a dewy finish looks. Depending on the color you desire, you can use a lighter shade than your normal foundation and Mayfa HD Foundation will make your look lasting Adding a base is principal because it will help keep your makeup fresh throughout the entire night. A strong base also makes the rest of the application process much easier. Apply Mayfa HD Foundation On your Face and blend gently with fingertips. Leave it for five minutes to get dry for perfect makeup.

Mayfa Face Powder

Using a layer of Mayfa face powder will set your makeup into fine lines and will give perfectly even look all night. Use Mayfa face powder with sponge and leave it for two minutes to get set on your face properly. Do not use face powder too liberally.

Mayfa Prime Time

Mayfa Primer is the best Primer for your eyes and lip area that prevents lipstick from feathering and also prevents eye shadow wearing off. Use Mayfa Primer on your lips and eye area to keep your makeup stay on for the whole Halloween night. Mayfa faceware camera-ready primer is perfect for sensitive skins and it’s flawless for anyone who has trouble with eye makeup smudging.

Pick Up Mayfa Cheeks Blush

Right after applying Mayfa primer, you need to pick up Mayfa cheeks Blush, any blush color of your choice that gives you inversely pretty looks at your Halloween Night. Mayfa cheeks Blush are triple milled fine powder which is highly pigmented. 80 shades of blush are available with every type of skin for every type of event. Use Blush on your both cheeks to look natural while trendy of Your Halloween Night.

Time for the Creepy or Beautiful Eye

When people look at your face on Halloween night, the first thing they typically observe is your eyes. Spend extra time trying to get your eyes looking great. Sparkles and vivid colors are perfect if you are trying to be a princess at your Halloween Party. Mayfa provides a Number of eye shadows i.e. Mayfa Mysterious, Mayfa Untamed eye shadows and many others for your wanted looks. you If you are wanting to be something scarier like a zombie, try using dark makeup to make your eye sockets look sunken in and undead. You can also use Mayfa Liquid Black liner to give you a scary look. Make sure you buy Mayfa makeup products that are both safe and can transform you into the character you want to be.

Mayfa is Free of Parabens, Free of Artificial agents, Free of Preservatives and there is no Animal Testing done.

Pick up Mayfa makeup products with confidence and look absolutely pretty, scary yet stunning at your Halloween party.

Mayfa wishes you Happy Halloween.


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