Why is it Important to Cleanse and Tone Your Skin Daily

Fareeha Khan

Posted on November 01 2019

Why is it Important to Cleanse and Tone Your Skin Daily

Cleansing and toning on a daily basis is really important for having a flawless skin. All you need is to spare just 10 minutes for yourself before you hit the bed. Your skin will remain supple and soft forever and the aging process will also slow down.

Importance of Cleansing Your Skin

Cleansing is the first and the most important step of having healthy skin. Every beautician, celebrity and model swears by the importance of this process and how it is the building block of a good skincare regime. When cleansing is done on a regular basis, the skin retains its natural shine by getting rid of all the impurities which get accumulated on the skin throughout the day.

Many people think that washing your face with soap and water purifies your skin. This is a very wrong concept as soaps consist of harsh ingredients which can actually have a negative impact on your skin and may leave it dry by depriving it of its natural oils and moisture. This is why it is really important to use a good cleanser for this purpose.


MayFa Gentle Cleansing Gel is a perfect cleanser for all skin types. If you spend most of your time outdoors under the sun or in a harsh environment, this cleansing gel freshens the skin up by getting rid of the dullness. The Organic Fruit Acids present in this cleanser provide your skin with nourishment and essential ingredients required to maintain its natural softness.

When we don’t cleanse our skin on a regular basis, toxins find a free way to travel inside it. This, in return, makes the skin dull and speeds up the aging process. When a cleansing regime is adopted and practiced regularly, antioxidants work on the toxins and help in eliminating them from the skin. This is why it is really important to cleanse your skin two times a day.

Importance of Toning Your Skin

Toning is an extremely important part of a good skincare regime. While many people cleanse their skin, they do tend to miss the toning part. A toner basically balances your skin by removing the impurities or dirt which may be left behind on your skin even after you are done with the cleansing process. Toners also help in removing any leftover make up on your skin. A toner is also effective in getting rid of acne and other skin issues that might be present. This is why there are a variety of toners present for every skin type.

When you tone your skin, you also hydrate your skin. A well-hydrated skin is a healthy and good looking skin with a soft and supple texture. When you hydrate your skin on a regular basis, it does not sag with age and wrinkles and fine lines do not seem to appear at all.

It is really important to use a good quality toner as there should not be any compromise on the quality of the products which you use for your skin. The better the toner is, the better it maintains the pH level of your skin. the pH level of your skin is basically the measure of the acidic levels present in it.

MayFa has got an excellent variety of toners depending upon your skin type. So, whether you have oily or sensitive skin, or your skin is passing through a maturity phase, it is ideal to use MayFa MD’s products because of their all-natural ingredients and excellent quality.

How to Cleanse Your Skin

Cleansing your skin is as simple as one, two and three. If you are using MayFa Gentle Cleansing Gel, simply apply the gel on your face and massage for a minute or two. Wash your face with normal tap water and pat it dry.

In case you are using a cleansing milk or a lotion, massage it on your face and remove it with a wet cotton ball. Don’t forget to tone your skin afterward.

How to Tone Your Skin

Toning your skin is probably the easiest thing to do. Simply dab some toner on a cotton ball and apply it across your face and even neck. You will notice an instant glow on your skin. You can also moisturize your face if needed afterward.

How Often Cleansing and Toning of the Face Should Be Done

Irrespective of whether you stay indoors or outdoors for most of the day, it is really important to cleanse and tone your face twice daily. If somehow you cannot look after your skin during the day time, you should make it a habit to use a cleanser and a toner on your face every night before going to sleep. Not only you but your skin will also love you for the dedicated regime, and you will start noticing a prominent difference within time.

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