Cheeks Blush

Cheeks Blush



You can apply anything on your face but nothing will make your cheeks stand out like a good, creamy and pigmented blush. Looking for a wonderful thing to complete your look for the evening? Tired of having dull cheeks? This Cheeks blush from Mayfa has triple milled fine powder which is potent in color.

It is highly pigmented and will leave a splendidly beautiful color on your cheeks when you put it on face powder. With 80 shades available, you will have a multitude of choices available to go with every outfit. If you are feeling a little adventurous, you can go in with a darker shade.

For an everyday look, go for a lighter pink shade. Even the darker shades have a lightweight texture that looks absolutely stunning. The formula is naturally-sourced and quite smooth so it gives you an even application.

What to Expect.

When you go in with blush after face powder, you will be able to make tens of looks and get remarkable results:

  • Smooth and even application of blush
  • 80 colour choices available for creating different looks
  • Creamy formula for an even-toned and smooth result
  • Vibrant colours for natural and dramatic looks

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