Eye Pencil

Eye Pencil



You might just be a blush and lipstick gal but on some days, wouldn’t you like to take it up a notch? A very safe way to do that is by applying some eye pencil on your lash line. This instantly makes your eyes pop out. It is amazing what a few strokes on the eyelid can do to your whole look.

For those of you who are not so comfortable with an eye pencil, worry not, as this eye pencil has an ergonomic design. Thus, it is very easy to hold and the formula glides effortlessly as you make a stroke. The tip gets really close to the eye, making sure that you do not leave any empty patches.

For a smoky eye look, smudge the stroke you have made with this eye pencil with your fingers. There you go! You have a wonderfully professional-looking smoky eye that will be the center of attention in every selfie you take that evening.

What to Expect.

It is always great to have an eye pencil in your purse. When you apply this eye pencil, you should expect :

  • To have a bold look that stands out
  • Use the eye shadow as blush
  • Ultimate precision
  • Rich pigmentation

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