Liquid Liner

Liquid Liner



Oh, the horror of not getting the winged eyeliner right! Have you watched tens of tutorials to learn how to apply winged eyeliner right? Are you still getting it wrong? Maybe, it is not your skill but the product that you are using. Our eyeliner has been made to follow the directions of your fingers.

With an easy-to-hold design and smooth formula, this liner is pretty easy to apply. Even as a beginner, you will have no trouble making that perfect wing with our black liquid liner.

The tip is highly precise so you will get the perfect look every single time. Also, the carefully crafted design gives you seamless control over every motion you make with the liner. It has a foam tip which can be used for creating any kind of eyeliner style. From low-key eye look to dramatic one, you will get every result with this eyeliner .

What to Expect.

If you are using this liquid eyeliner for creating your daily looks or party looks, you can expect to: :

  • Have amazing precision
  • Have maximum control over every stroke
  • Create dramatic and everyday natural looks
  • Make super-thin lines for a low-key look
  • Have effortless application

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