Camera Ready Primer

Camera Ready Primer



You only start to realise the importance of a good primer once you have an incident where your makeup starts to melt or chip off even before you reach a party or your workplace. Don’t worry about that anymore because we have got your back .

Mayfa specialises in making primers containing gentle and skin-rejuvenating ingredients that are suitable for all skin types. The Camera Ready Primer does make you ready for the camera. Apply this primer before putting on your makeup and the camera will love you. We can guarantee that. The formula is silicone-based and gives a matte finish.

t is suitable for all skin types, from dry too sensitive. If you want your makeup to last the whole day, make this primer a part of your makeup regimen. Also, wearing makeup every day can lead to early ageing and formation of fine lines. The Camera Ready Primer reduces fine lines on your skin so that you can stay fresh and radiant for years .

What to Expect.

The camera ready primer really makes you ready for the camera. You can expect to:

  • Create flawless makeup looks that will last for 24 hours
  • See a reduction in fine lines
  • Get a matte finish

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