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Mayfa is a Canadian brand inception of Dr. Fareeha Khan a family physician with special interest in “skin care” for the last 10 years.

A few years ago, Dr. Khan had a patient with problematic skin. This particular patient had pigmentation on her cheeks caused by acne and ongoing sun damage. She wasn’t keen on utilizing prescription based medications, and insisted on being recommended by Dr. Khan to natural solutions with clinical results.

Being intrigued by skin care and this particular patient’s request, Dr. Khan embarked upon the creation of a botanical based cream which provided amazing results. This further prompted Mayfa to establish the foundation for its ongoing R&D, for its line of luxury skin care products for woman and men, helping them to unleash the full potential of their skin. Plant derived active ingredients were utilized. With determination and the restless pursuit of premiere quality products, Mayfa cutting edge skin care solutions were formulated and developed, with proven results.

“It is extremely rewarding to create a skincare line that make your skin beautiful and healthy, but also helping to improve the quality of  people’s lives.” – Dr. F. Khan 


Mayfa is Free of Parabens, Free of Artificial agents, Free of Preservatives, No Animal Testing

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