11 Well Eye Shadow/Blush

11 Well Eye Shadow Palettes /Blush - Mayfa



There is nothing more annoying than having to carry around a huge makeup bag every time you go out. So, why not invest in two-in-one makeup products? Mayfa has a wide range of eye shadow/blush palette the 11 well palette is the best choice for anyone who likes to create different looks.

Using the colors present in this palette, you can get out of your comfort zone and create looks that you have never created before.

You are really spoilt for choice when it comes to the color decisions as there are three options; Independent, Touchy feely and Colour Block. Just take a look at the rainbow of colors in these palettes and choose the one that is more suited to your taste. The palette also comes with a full-sized mirror so that you can touch up the eye shadow even when you do not have a mirror close to you. Do you hate heavy makeup? Worry not. This eye shadow rests very lightly on your eyelids.

What to Expect.

When using the 11 well eye shadow palette, you should expect to:

  • Have multiple color choices
  • Use the eye shadow as blush
  • Shiny finish for any look
  • Create different and exciting looks

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