Face HILITE Cream

Face HILITE Cream


50 P- Fantasy

If your face is glowing, you will be able to create a beautiful makeup look. This Face HILITE Cream has 3 in 1 shimmer that will make your shine brighter than anyone else in the room. It is a multi-purpose cream that can be used for cheeks, lips, and eyes. Since it has a creamy texture, it is easy to glide on.

Worried about oiliness on the skin? Well, worry not anymore and this cream does not leave the oil on your skin. It is the most lightweight powder that you would have ever put on your skin.

Take a foundation brush and apply to the high points of your face to get the shimmery look that you see on magazine covers. You can also add a bit to the corner of your eyes to bring a pop of color.

What to Expect.

Once you start using this 3-in-1 HILITE cream for your cheeks or lips, you will get the following results:

  • A beautiful shimmery glow that is hard to match
  • Creamy texture for easy application
  • Smooth application with a foundation brush
  • Multi-use as a highlighter, eye shimmer and cheek tint

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