Prime Time

Prime Time



Have you ever gone out to a party and found that your eye makeup has started to come off even before the party started? Well, this is the cost you have to pay for not applying primer. Primer is the base for your makeup and it makes your makeup last long. This Prime Time primer will make your makeup last all night long.

It is suitable for eyes and lips region, which means it will keep your eye shadow and lipstick in place. When you spend half an hour to create the perfect eye look, you do not want it to be disturbed in just an hour or so. This primer prevents smudging or wearing off of the eye shadow that you have put on so carefully. Just put it on before putting eye makeup and you will have the perfect eye look until you take off your makeup.

What to Expect.

When you start using the Prime Time primer before applying your eye makeup, you should expect:

  • Makeup to stay on the whole day long.
  • Reduction in breakouts on sensitive skin
  • No wearing off of eye makeup or lipstick
  • No smudging of the eye shadow or eyeliner

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